Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The first poem written by Vania

Vania, my daughter, is 10-year old now. Today she wrote her first poem ever in the style of haiku (a Japanese poetic form). The poem is so beautiful that I cannot help from sharing it here.


Hard winds blow astray
As clouds swirl around each other
Making day the night

The following is my translation of the poem into Chinese.



The original publication of the poem is here. She typed it and cited the picture by herself.

A beautiful song to share --- lovers sung by Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho is a brilliant singer. It is unimaginable to believe she is barely 12, especially when you hear her songs. Lovers is one of her songs that I loved the most. She has interpreted the song so wonderful. I think that even the original movie itself does not deserve this marvelous rendering.

The Lyrics

There was a field in my old town
Where we always played hand in hand
The wind was gently touching the grass
We were so young so fearless

Then I dreamt over and over
of you holding me tight under the stars
I made a promise to my dear lord
I will love you forever

Time has passed
So much has changed
But the field remains in my heart

Oh, where are you?
I need to tell you I still love you
So I reach out for you
You fly around me like a butterfly

Your voice still echoes in my heart
You are my true love

There was a field in my old town
Where in spring all flowers blossomed wide
We were chasing butterflies
Hand in hand ‘till close of day

Your voice still echoes in my heart

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Remember Steve Jobs

I feel very sad of his passing away. He is truly a legend.