Thursday, June 21, 2007

Reality Divide

A recent post by Sean Ness is interesting. He mentioned a phenomenon that is likely happened in the future---Reality Divide. In short, it means that we are going to be confused between real and virtual worlds. Isn't the popularity of Second Life a perfect example of Reality Divide?

"The poor will have access to virtual, while the rich will get to experience the real thing." This is an assessment addressed by Sean. And I believe so too. In fact, quite a few new sci-fi novels have started to address this division and predict that in the future poor people can only live in a virtual world but with very poor real living condition; while only the rich people can have life in reality, even real sunshine is a luxury.

Since most of the people can live in their dream, this world may afford many more people to live under a low real expense but allowing them dreaming every day. Ironcially, it may help achieve world peace! But is this type of peace really perferred?

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