Thursday, August 30, 2007

Some Truth about the Semantic Web

I have a new post at the Semantic Focus blog. Also I appreciate James Simmons for his help of editing my original submission. This article discusses issues on the philosophical level and probably it is more related to the new realm of Web Science. So it should be easily readable for all persons, even if they are not familiar to the idea of semantic web.

In this new post, I discussed several debatable issues about semantic web. Particularly, these are the main viewpoints in the post.

1) A semantic web must simultaneously be a proactive web, while the traditional Web is a reactive web.

2) Web 2.0 is a low-degree active web, an initial step towards the Semantic Web.

3) In a semantic web, each web node by default has a unique interpretation about the existing web. In contrast, in the traditional Web every web node by default shares a common interpretation about the existing web.

4) The motivation of seeking increased communication will help construct greater scale ontological agreements. The motivation of seeking profits of invention, however, will help construct brand new ontological agreements to replace old ones. This is a secret in modern democratic society; and this is the secret to construct a practical semantic world from bottom-up.

For more details, readers can watch the full post at here.

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