Thursday, October 04, 2007

Upgrade RW to RWR

Invited by Scott Koegler, the editor of, I wrote an article to explain the Read/Write/Request Web and its potential business impacts. Since SemanticReport is primarily a business-oriented site, I did not have many chances to explain the technical side of this Read/Write/Request Web. But to the least I have explained where this term comes and the prediction of the addition of Request, a new fundamental web operation, to the next generation web. Moreover, I also briefly discussed why the plot of Read/Write/Request Web is technically achievable, commercially marketable, and materially profitable.

This article is also an informal response to the 10 More Future Web Trends, in which Richard at Read/WriteWeb argued that the description of Read/Write/Request Web was complex. Indeed, however, this description is not complex at all after we understand what Request is.

This Read/Write/Request Web is part of my vision of Web 3.0. I am just about to start the first installment of this new series on towards the new generation web. In this series, I will discuss the vision of Read/Write/Request Web deeper and broader from the technology and web evolution points of view. So please remember to keep watching this new series if you are interested in Read/Write/Request Web.


Unknown said...

Man, you are a visionary! This "Request" web is quite interesting.

I am doing a project with semantic web as well. If you don't mind, we can keep in touch. I used to publish Blogger hacks in a popular blog called Hackosphere but I stopped due to lack of time. Maybe you could write a guest post in my blog too.

Yihong Ding said...


Thank you. I am glad you like my visions.

Certainly I am happy to talk more with you. What kind of semantic project are you working on right now? You can drop me emails ( if you want to have long discussions on something.

By the way, I am glad to be a guest in your blog too. ;-)

-- Yihong

Anonymous said...

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