Friday, February 01, 2008

Is Microhoo a right movement to the future Web?

A very recent news said that Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo with about $44.6 billion. Although I am recently too busy to blog much, this is a news that I have to say something.

Is Microhoo a right movement to the future Web? This is the question I raise; and my prompt feeling is that this deal, if it ever becomes true, is a bad call.

In short, if Microsoft want to challenge Google in the market of web search, it should look for next-generation search strategies rather than Yahoo. By owning Yahoo Microsoft can immediately get the share of web search that Yahoo occupies at present. But this share is declining. Partial of the declining is due to the bad performance of Yahoo administration; and Microsoft might believe that this problem is the main issue and thus Microsoft can solve this problem. But indeed, from my viewpoint upon web evolution, the decline of Yahoo is due to its fundamental web search strategy that does not match the progress of web evolution. What Yahoo does is always either beyond the trend or behind the trend, and it never hits the right target. By buying such a team would only hurt the future of Microsoft. If this deal would become true, it shows the end of Microsoft search as well.

The Web is evolving rapidly. And very soon completely new thoughts of web search will come to the world to be compatible to the new Web. By buying Yahoo, Microsoft is to buy a huge burden that will soon damage itself in few years.

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Lian's blog said...

Another reason of this deal is because MS aims at Yahoo's customers. Yahoo really does some good job in some domains, such as the entertainment, finance, and so on.