Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Series of Web Evolution, revised

I have just finished a total revision of my series of Web evolution in Thinking Space. The changes include many internal rewritings and even the change of titles of several installments. If you are interested in it, at the following I have attached the links to all the ten installments.

Moreover, this revision is compatible to my feedback about the Harmonious age. Be together, the two parts composes a complete vision about the new Web from both of the philosophical view and the technological view. The next question is how to engage them into the real-world development. I would be glad to discuss with anybody who is willing to explore the path towards the next generation Web (commonly known to be Web 3.0). Now it is the timing to start up real Web-3.0 solutions by my judgment.

If you are interested in discussion, please either leave a comment with your contact information in this blog or feel free dropping me an email at:

A View of Web Evolution

1. In the Beginning …
2. Three Evolutionary Elements
3. Two Postulates
4. Web Evolution and Human Growth
5. Evolutionary Stage
6. Qualities of Evolutionary Stages
7. Trigger of Transition
8. Beginning of a Stage Transition
9. Essence of Web Evolution
10. Completion of a Stage Transition

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