Friday, May 16, 2008

Si Chuan Earthquake, People need help!

As you may know, Thinking Space is a place we discuss World Wide Web related topics. Very rarely I post other topics beyond this theme. But this time, I have to do so for the recent massive 7.9-magnitude earthquake at SiChuan province, China. Tens of thousands people have been dead and more are injured. These people need help, and please help them as you can.

The following is a slide show made by my friend Oliver Ding.

Please Help Earthquake Victims In China

From: OliverDing, 8 hours ago

As you may have known, a massive 7.9-magnitude earthquake rocked central China's Wenchuan County at around 14:00 5/12/08. The death toll was more than 19,500 by 16: 00 May 15th Beijing time, and much more were injured. The figures still continue to rise:
Many of the victims were children!! Children died when they are in school! Many of them are the only child in a family! The entire Chinese nation is fighting with the disaster!
We need help from the world!
Please find the kindness in your heart and help whatever you can!

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Oliver Ding said...

Yihong, many thanks to you.

Slideshare team also blogged on it at their team blog:

They also made China Earthquake as current Spotlight in homepage.

Yihong Ding said...

thank you, Oliver. You have done a great work to help our people.