Thursday, June 12, 2008

Check out your Web influence by Q-value

QDOS is a new online service for people to briefly measure their influence on the Web. In short, the service asks users to specify their names on the Web as well as the profile locations of their subscribed popular Web services such as Facebook and Blogger. Then it computes the influence of a Web user in four categories, which are popularity (who you know and the extent of your online network), impact (how much people listen to what you say online), activity (what you do online e.g. shop, chat, blog), and individuality (how easy you are to find online according to your name, your age etc). Combining the values on the four aspects, the service calculates a final score starting with a "Q" (hence I call it Q-value) followed by a number. The number of Q-value thus shows the relative influence of the person with respect to the other people subscribed to this service.

qdos profile, Yihong Ding

The figure above shows my Q-value, which is Q4056 that ranks 5,436 out of 61,589 registered users up to the date. In comparison, James Simmons, my friend and blog partner at Semantic Focus, is reported to have Q3844. Tim Berners-Lee, the father of World Wide Web, has a convincible Q7292 that ranks No. 135 at the meantime. Another Semantic Web celebrity, James Hendler, however, only has Q2507, which is lower than my value. This result shows that we might not take the number too seriously.

No matter whatever, however, QDOS is an interesting application and the value is useful especially for people who want to brand themselves.

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