Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Second Year Anniversary (2)

Until now Thinking Space has more than 160 posts. In this post I introduce three particular ones. Two of them are selected by the Thinking Space readers such as you, and the last one is picked by the author, i.e., me.

The all-time most popular post at Thinking Space

There is a Thinking Space post consistently having 20 or more visits nearly everyday after its first release more than one and a half years ago, and the record is continuing. This is an uneasy accomplishment even for the top news or blog sites. Few articles might be consistently interested by the public for more than a few weeks, let it alone lasting one and a half years already.

Web Evolution and Human Growth: a view of Web evolution, series No. 4

This post expresses the central point of my Web evolution theory. World Wide Web is primarily a society (in contrast to a brain, a machine, etc). Moreover, the evolution of this Web society is synchronizing with the growth of virtual individuals on the Web.

The visiting record shows that "Web evolution" remains being the No. One issue that Thinking Space readers care.

The best post of the last year, reader's selection

In the last year, the following post was visited the most heavily and also was the most popularly linked on the Web (over 300 external links up to the date recorded by Google).

The Age of Google (4): the future

Google search is probably the most popular and well-known Web service at the present Web. Hence any rational analysis of its weaknesses immediately causes great interest among readers. In the post, I predicted that some critical changes were about to happen.

Remember how Google has replaced Microsoft being the leader of IT industry. Microsoft was seemly unbeatable because of its dominating operating system. Isn't OS so fundamental that the leader of the OS market automatically must be the leader of IT industry? Well, OS remains to be critical but Google is ahead now.

In similar, isn't Web search so fundamental that the leader of the Web search market automatically must be the leader of IT industry?

Not necessary; history will repeat its answer. Web search will continue to be critical but the position of Google will be replaced. Due to Web evolution, new fundamental is going to emerge in similar to the relation between Web search and operating system. Some new company (unknown yet) will fade off Google (possibly in just a few years) the same way that Google has shadowed Microsoft.

The most recommended post in the past year, author's pick

This selection is very hard since all the posts are my babies. Behind each article, there is a story of thinking. If I have to choose one, however, it has to be this one.

We are in a new transition, part 2

The post expresses an aggressive vision of the future---the emergence of mind asset. I predict that the evolution of Web resources (the fundamental of Web evolution) would inevitably lead to the formation of modern mind asset. This emergence could bring so significant impact to our society that it would be comparable to the invention of stocks---a sign of the rise of capitalism. This is a trend the entire IT society must actively be aware. Moreover, it is not just about the future of IT companies, it is about the future of our society.

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