Sunday, December 14, 2008

Big Idea

Big ideas have inspired us, and the inspirations last. However, is our time still an age of big ideas, such as the age of the 18th century when many great thinkers and innovators emerged? Moreover, what on earth is big idea? The following talk is inspiring if one is interested in thinking.

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My comment on big ideas

1) Big ideas inspire people. Big ideas bring people hope, happiness, and courage. A big idea is not a theory even if it might be represented as a theory. A big idea is a charge of activity to people's life.

2) Big idea does not have to new idea. Read history, think of history, and discover the lost thoughts; this is also big idea.

3) Big ideas are not necessarily be original in its essence, while practical big ideas are always truly original in its instant interpretation. Try less on inventing big because it demands luckiness. But try harder on interpreting novel since it requires only diligence and persistence.

4) The emergence of a big idea demands collaboration. Due to the prevalence of World Wide Web, may new collaborative thinking services (such as Imindi) help us approach the new-age big ideas? I am optimistic to it. To the end, we are approaching the big ideas collectively, in contrast to thinking of the big ideas individually.

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