Saturday, February 21, 2009

Imindi looks for more fund

Imindi, an innovative Web 3.0 startup that dedicates to constructing mind networks to augment human thinking and collaboration, is now looking for more fund oppotunities. As one of the last year's TechCrunch50 finalists, Imindi discloses a new category of Web services that is beyond Web 2.0.

Unlike the other Semantic Web startups, Imindi approaches a new take of Semantic Web. Instead of teaching computers smarter because of human beings, Imindi implements a new mechanism to teach humans smarter because of computers. This vision creatively invents a method towards the Semantic Web but in a Web-2.0 way. As the result, Imindi indeed invents a new category of Web services that might be representative in Web 3.0, i.e., a Web that not only connects users (the sense of Web 2.0) but also actively teaches the interconnected users. More analysis of this new service can be found here.

Due to the present financial crisis, however, the founders have self funded this revolutionary product for far longer than they are able. Hence now they are actively seeking visionary investors to help. Anyone who is interested in lending a hand or want to learn more of this innovative service may contact the founders directly at

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