Sunday, June 07, 2009

It is the free choice that produces the value of mind

A computer can execute a program and output a result. What does the asset of mind generated by a computer different from the mind asset produced by a human being? The difference is the free choice. A human can make free choices upon a request that are beyond any sophisticated program can make. It is thus this freedom bringing the value. This distinction could be essential when we think of producing the mind asset for the coming next-generation World Wide Web.


Anonymous said...

Can we qualify the term 'free choice' and get it a little more specific?? That would help us in computer produced mind assets...
For starters, i am happy to call 'free choice' as 'the capability to work within soft constraints'(I say soft because,the program should be willing to violate certain cases of the constraints, in specific instances.

Yihong Ding said...

I am not sure. But it is difficult.

Actually, what in my mind is that we may need to figure out a new way of involving humans into the cycle of computation. That is, a cycle of computation is not just a task of computers, but a task of humans and computers. This is important because we may start to put charge on these computational cycles only when humans are actively involved. The pure computer cycles are cheap and we often cannot charge much on it.