Sunday, January 31, 2010

A story I must share, save our sisters and children

I feel indebted. Although I am too busy to blog in these few months, I must say something about this talk.

There are people, especially children and women, who live desperately. That they feel out of hope is not because what they were but what they will. No matter how hard our heroes such as Sunitha Krishnan have worked to save these people physically, it depends on us, all of us, to accept them and welcome them back to our normal society so that they can be really saved in the end. Without our support, our cooperation, and our empathy, what our heroes can do is limited. If we do not do what we can and need to do, we are indebted.

The video lasts about 12 minutes. Please take a look, if you have not watched it before, and share the story with two of your friends (as Sunitha asked). Not only just talk to them, but also convince them that this is what we need to do. It will cost you zero dollar and zero minute. What it demands is only our open heart to sincerely welcome our poor brothers, sisters, and children back when they show up in front of you.

God bless them. God bless our heroes. And may God bless you and me too!

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