Sunday, May 15, 2011


Psalm 39:12

Hear my prayer, Lord,
listen to my cry for help;
do not be deaf to my weeping.
I dwell with you as a foreigner,
a stranger, as all my ancestors were.

In Chinese Translation (诗篇 39:12)

12 耶和华啊,求你听我的祷告,留心听我的呼求!我流泪,求你不要静默无声!因为我在你面前是客旅,是寄居的,像我列祖一般。

Somebody said before. To a Christian, if the world does not feel strange about you, you must have been strange because you are supposed to be a stranger.

It is, however, tough to be a stranger in any circumstance. By being a stranger, you have few friends. You feel lonely. And often you lose the energy on going forward.

But we have God. This is the fundamental difference between us and the strangers the world usually think. Because of our LORD, we have hope, since HE always listen to our beg and answer our appealing.

Therefore, I am proud being a stranger because of my God, my savior, my best friend, and my true love. May all the strangers of the world because of Jesus Christ be comfort! As we always have been.

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