Friday, August 29, 2008

CHANGE, we do seek

Barack Obama has made a really inspiring speech last night. I was moved by the speech as well as by his personality. No matter whatever, a black president candidate himself is already a change. But it is not enough. America does need more changes than a real black president. When US people are moving into a new age that the ancestors have never imagined, however, they are facing the restoration of the spirit of their ancestors. This is the change that Obama tries to advertise, and I fully agree to him.

Obama advocates that "American is once again that last, best hope for all who are called to the cause of freedom, who long for lives of peace, and who yearn for a better future." This is the right goal Unite States has pursued for centuries though the goal has been damaged by the Bush administration.

As what Obama spoke, US is wealthy but not due to its economy, US is strong but not because of its military force, and US is wise but not by its superior-quality universities. By contrast, the greatness of US is because this nation, from its beginning, is the flag of freedom and justness and the land of people who not only believe in the spirit but also fight for keep up the spirit. This is thus the American Spirit, where the American dream is.

This type of freedom and justness is, however, damaged by the Bush administration. From its swinging diplomatic policy to China to the invasion into Iraq, the Bush administration has shown the world that US has been a nation that is not only selfish and unfair to justness but also foolish to count more on its military than its spirit of freedom to defeat enemy. This misconception of American spirit must be changed, as Obama proclaimed.

Another thing I likes Obama is that he advocates to support more on small business and startups than big companies. We are at the door of a new age. In short time, we may start to embrace a new type of economy. In fact, during the Clinton Administration US had already positioned itself correctly in leading the trend of information revolution. 9/11 and the dot-com bubble had unfortunately paused the process. However, it is the Bush Administration that officially changed the policy and switched the attention of the whole nation to the traditional economic realms such as oil production. US must change it back to the right track that Bill Clinton has done and Obama advocates. On one side, it is the rise of mind business. On the other side, it is the execution of renewable energy policy.

Moreover, the mentioned track is the way to solve many other problems such as poverty and education. The rise of mind business would give regular people more chances to live by the power of their knowledge. The wealth of the society can be more fairly distributed to people. We will be at a society that wealth is no longer inherited by capitals from parents to children, but through knowledge from one generation to the next. People will not be decided by their born family but by their hard work of knowledge learning. By this change, general poverty could be controlled and active learning would be encouraged. By this change, United States of America may at its next Spring of glory.

CHANGE! We do seek for it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Yihong. Having a great time here in Silicon Valley. This morning, Galen and I were saying almost exactly what you just wrote up in your post. You can imagine how happy I was to read this.

Yihong Ding said...

HI Adam,

It's great to know that you have already been at SV. I am glad to learn that we again are thinking the same about this great speech. I believe that it is a signal that we are at the right timing to do the right thing. I wish Obama be elected president in this November.

I am really anxious to see both you and Galen soon at SF.




Helo Yihong,

I had never been given such an enthusiasm to any US election before in my life.

But this time the new age thinkers and spiritual people around the world who love this planet earth is inevitably concerned about the coming United States Election…they are so curious and hopeful looking forward this wonderful man…Obama…what he is going to do.

Let us wish for the best and jointly work for the best.

I love your slogan…"Be original, be venturous, and be real! Think sharply, but check cautiously. Thinking is to discover unexpected from already known."

have a nice in touch.


Yihong Ding said...

Thank you, Papan.

Obama really represents something new and expected, especially for US people, but also probably for people all over the world. I am really looking for that not only US but also the entire world might be changed to a better situation after this US election.

Let's make the same wish and move forward. And sure, let's keep in touch. ;-)