Thursday, August 07, 2008

Remarks on the slogan for Beijing Olympics

Tomorrow is the open ceremony of Beijing Olympics. The slogan of the game is "One World, One Dream." Nevertheless is it a well spoken perspective, it misses (but also indicates) a more important topic: do we also have "One Realization" to our "One Dream"?

Ironically, this slogan is an accurate description of the present China. We have no other choices but to live together in the same world. By living in the same world, we are truly capable of weaving a common dream such as getting better education, obtaining better medical care, being richer, and having the freedom of speaking. However, do we really have a uniform realization to the dream equally for every member of the society?

One World, One Dream. It is not enough to satisfy the poor hearts when their dreams have no hope to be realized.

One Dream, One Realization. This is actually the real slogan that Chinese people are looking for; it is also what people all over the world are expecting; and more importantly, it is the true spirit of Olympics! Olympics is the place where dreams become true rather than a place just for people to dream.

Can we declare the new slogan after the Olympics?

No matter how Chinese government will do, however, we as Web researchers are working on the goal illustrated by the new slogan. From Google to Facebook, we are experiencing to make the Web be more open and allow regular people to be able to realize their originally intangible dreams on the more and more user-friendly Web.

Thanks to Tim Berners-Lee, who started One Dream for every mankind in the One World. Thanks to Google, Facebook, and many other innovative Web companies, we are also approaching One Realization. That is, every human being in this world will have the inalienable rights to realize their dream!


Anonymous said...

To me the slogan " One world, One Dream" is very worrying, in what it signals to people not of the communist persuasion? To everyone I have spoken to they see it as summing up a totalitarian ideal. One world,but only one dream? must we all conform to what we are educated to believe as one dream or one consciousness. Surely a better slogan should be "One world 1.3 Billion Dreams"
Kind regards from DB in the UK.

Yihong Ding said...

thank you for the comment. In fact, I very much agree to your point. "One Dream" is not a proper description of our desire. From one side, we want dreams to be realized more than just dreaming. On the other side, we expect the variety of our dreams in addition to certain common expectation.