Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Reason for Studying Semantic Web

Semantic Web research may lead to the invention of creation in the Web.

Certainly we have already had many reasons for studying Semantic Web. Here I add, however, only one extra but exciting---the invention of creation in the Web.

At the end of yesterday's post, very briefly I mentioned the "measurement=creation" principle formerly being studied for understanding Heisenberg uncertainty principle. In Heisenberg's view, "a measurement does not only serve to give meaning to a quantity, it creates a particular value for this quantity." Does this inspiration mean something for the Semantic Web research?

The key is measurement. Till now most Semantic Web entrepreneurs look forward to the business model of data package and selling. Nevertheless is it a great idea, there is a key value missed. The missed value is laid when the consumers measure data.

In Semantic Web every measurement leads to a re-interpretation of the data. By what we discussed in the last post, the result of the re-interpretation is theoretically unpredictable. Therefore, if we include the process of measurement into the business cycle, the value of the data may always increase through time. Moreover, if we may invent automated "data observers" that sit in the Web restlessly measure the Semantic Web data, the Web invents new knowledge every second.

We need a new way of thinking to explore the wealth of the Web in the microscale.

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