Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Timeline of World Wide Web

1969, the first two nodes of ARPANET were connected
[egg meets sperm]

1985, the first commercial Internet domain name (.com) was registered
[the baby in the tummy was ready to be born]

1989, nodes (hyptertext) and links (hyperlink) of World Wide Web were invented by Tim Berners-Lee, the physical Web came to the world
[the birth]

1994, Netscape Navigator was released
[the grand baby shower, the new-born was well received!]

1995, Yahoo was incorporated
[the mutual communication between the baby and us started]

2000, Google started running search for Yahoo
[baby grew and owned self characters; no longer did we tag her only, she sorted herself]

2003, Apple opened iTune Store, which eventually led to App Store in 2008
[we began to be part of the baby, which had been a small kid then]

2006, Facebook opened to everyone of ages 13 and older with a valid email address
[the small kid started walking around where we were her feet]

20??, what is the next?


It took 20 years for the Web to get birth from its very beginning. It then took another 20 years for the baby to be able to walk. What an amazing history! But the truly intriguing questions is, however, what the next big step is!

A few explanation about the timeline I share.

(1969) Any web was started by linking the first two nodes.

(1985) When people started to ask the first commercial domain name, the concept of World Wide Web had already been mature.

(1989) Of course, a real birth must demand the completion of the physical body; TBL accomplished the quest.

(1994) With Netscape an ordinary Tom got to touch the mysterious World Wide Web first time in his life, physically. What a wonderful creature it was!

(1995) Netscape allowed the Web came to us; Yahoo, on the other hand, let us talk to the Web.

(2000) The Web had formed its own ecosystem. Then it was the number of links, instead of the category of pages, that mattered more, Stupid!

(2003) We needed to enter the new ecosystem ourselves! And we did.

(2006) Inside the ecosystem we started tasting our second life; and the Web travels when we travel.

(20??) Can you make a sentence by following this trend? Please try it. Maybe you ARE the next great inventor in this line!

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