Sunday, January 30, 2011

Misunderstanding is indeed creating

A distinction between humans and computers are that the former ones may misunderstand while the latter ones must either understand or do not understand.

If one asks what the mother of creation is, I choose misunderstanding. Any creation is an intentional or unintentional misunderstanding to a given fact. If we always think of facts as they are already known, no creation could ever be made. A creation happens only when a person misses the correct sense of a fact, either by his own intention or simply by accident. That is, he actually "misunderstands" the fact in the sense of "correct" logic.

Misunderstanding is a very powerful capability of human beings. By misunderstanding we break the flow of the regular logic derivation to encounter what must not been seen. Misunderstanding is not the single source for creating. But it is a distinctive source that tells the difference between humans and machines. Based on the current computer architecture, computers cannot misunderstand because it must always obey the correct logic derivation or otherwise it crashes. May quantum computer break this barrier for the machines?

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