Monday, September 29, 2008

The Blog Anniversary is coming

About two years ago, at October 1st, 2006, I had my first post at Thinking Space. At that time, I was just thinking of a casual place that might allow me to throw a few random thoughts of my research irregularly. I had not thought to build a site that would one day have consistently hundreds of readers everyday from all over the world (and the number is still growing dramatically). Be honest, it was just a little bit more than a dream for a nobody with no fame, no money, and no any sponsorship at all, and we know that there are thousands of this type of new blog sites created every day!

As what I did at the last year, I will post an anniversary special at the blog anniversary day. It is both of a thank-you note for my readers and a memo for myself. If anybody (actually mainly myself) wants to look for what Thinking Space has discussed and thought before, the anniversary posts are the best place to start searching. They categorize nearly all the posts in the past year and the posts are recorded with a brief summary of content.

Unlike the last year, however, this year's anniversary post will be a mini-series with three installments.

(1) Thank you note, including special thanks to a list of news and blog sites and individual bloggers that have brought me resources of thinking. I would recommend this list of sites and bloggers to all of the Thinking Space readers because they are really good and you can learn much from their writing just as I have learned.

(2) Particular share of three selected posts at Thinking Space, two are the most popular posts voted by the readers like you (based on the visiting status records) and the last one is picked by the author, i.e., me.

(3) Summary of the posts in the past year.

The second-year anniversary post has been scheduled on early morning at October 1st. Thank you and wish it could be a good gift of innovative thoughts for every one of you.

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