Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Improve Human Intelligence: the opposite to Artificial Intelligence

My newest post at Internet Evolution has been online. Essentially, it is a rethinking of artificial intelligence, a debating topic for decades.

Thinking Space readers may have seen that I have blogged about Imindi, a new startup company, heavily in these few weeks. I am particularly interested in this company because it represents so many great new thoughts that I can hardly see from any other Web companies at this moment. Imindi service is built on a brand new vision of World Wide Web and its potential extension is broad. At this new post, I mainly focuses on one philosophy behind the Imindi service, i.e., to improve human beings because of computers instead of to improve computers because of human beings.

Be interested, you may watch the original article at here. Or do not have much time, watch the imindi graphs below then. ;-)

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