Thursday, September 25, 2008

yourBusinessChannel, the Web 2.0 marketing

yourBusinessChannel is a site to offer expert business development advice for entrepreneurs. The site claims to be the world's best collection of high quality online TV shows featuring business legends. Through, its online TV channel, some of the biggest and best respected names in business may give people free but serious guidance on almost every aspect of business. In short, I would tell the site being where the traditional marketing meets Web 2.0.

youBusinessChannel intends to build an online society of marketing experts and entrepreneurs. When entrepreneurs look for advises to expand their product market, yBC brings a team of marketing experts onto the table for help. At the same time, yBC provides an additional (and probably becoming more and more important with time) channel for marketing experts to broadcast themselves into varied rapidly growing business sectors. It is a win-win strategy and the business model is a typical Web 2.0 marketing.

Invited by Jacqui Gray, the Editorial Research Manager at yourBusinessChannel, and Andre Dent, the Global Syndication Manager, I have agreed to be one of the broadcast partners of yBC. Hence from time to time, I may post a few commentary on some of its shows here at Thinking Space. Certainly, however, my selected shows as well as my comments must be Web-related.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the family of yourBusinessChannel broadcast partners. It's great to be working with you. We hope you enjoy our shows!

Kind regards

Yihong Ding said...


Thank you and glad to cooperate with you.