Sunday, March 22, 2009

Consciousness has no single "seat" in brain

NewScientist has an interesting summary of some newest progress on consciousness research. One statement, however, catches my attention and thinking. It is said that "Consciousness is more a question of dynamics, than of a local activity."

What does it mean when we embody consciousness onto the Web? This was the question I was thinking when reading the line. When originally we mention collective consciousness on the Web, we think of a group of embodied and "seated" mind and make them collaborate each other. Now I am curious to think whether collaborative consciousness is indeed the consciousness itself. That is, there is actually no consciousness when there is no collaborative. If we apply this thought to the research of linked data, however, it means that actually every individual piece of data itself should not be the center of issue. By contrast, a mechanism of collaboration among the whatever data is much more valuable and essential. I am wondering whether this is indeed the problem behind the present, slowly progressing achievement of linked data.

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