Friday, March 13, 2009

World Wide Web, 20 years

20th20 years, it is just a short time period in history. But when we look it back, it is hard for us to imagine how we lived 20 years ago without all the convenience we have now. This last 20 years is one of the most revolutionary 20-year periods (if not the most revolutionary period) in human history. Numerous influential innovations and remarkable events occurred during the period just because of one meanwhile-insignificant invention---World Wide Web.

Happy anniversary, Web!

World Wide Web was born in a computer in somewhere Europe. However, someone predicts it to become a "big machine" again in the future.

WWW has others names. By the inventor, WWW may also be called III (International Information Infrastructure) or GGG (Giant Global Graph). Probably you may get a few inspiration out of these alternatives.

World Wide Web may also been watched differently. It is a network of computers, a platform of computation, a society of communication, and a factory of information production. Moreover, it will be a market of mind asset.

World Wide Web is growing, evolving, advancing. When it evolves, growing are also our intrinsic selves. It is not only that we are upgrading the Web; the Web is changing us.

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