Sunday, March 22, 2009

"only three things on the Internet that have made money"

A recent New York Times Technology article reports an interesting interview with Steve Ballmer, the chief executive of Microsoft. Yet the article does not really address much news that is truly new to us, I am particularly interested in a sentence spoken by Mr. Ballmer.

"There are only three things on the Internet that have made money: Amazon, eBay and Google."

Mr. Ballmer intuitively recognized what I mentioned about Web evolution. There are three basic types of Web resources that are accumulated in the evolution of the Web---data, services, and links. A successful Internet business is the one that can embody one type of human mind to a form of valuable asset on the Web. Coincidentally, I have also used Amazon, eBay, and Google as the examples that have successfully embodied static mind asset (data), dynamic mind asset (service), and connective mind asset (link) respectively. So, I have a few last words to tell Mr. Ballmer: please, the successfulness is not because search leads to money, but due to implementing a successful way of constructing profitable mind asset.

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